🤥 Hamas is stealing the aid entering the Gaza Strip, and that’s why Palestinians are starving.

Answer 1

UN and Western officials have rejected Israel’s repeated claims that Hamas is diverting aid entering Gaza. These types of false allegations come straight out of the Israeli playbook of shifting focus and deflecting attention from Israel’s long-standing policy of ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts against the Palestinians.

Answer 2

U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Humanitarian Issues, David Satterfield, has repeatedly refuted Israel’s unfounded allegations that Hamas has stolen aid entering the Gaza Strip during the 2023-2024 War. Satterfield has asserted that Israel has yet to present him or the Biden Administration with any “specific evidence of diversion or theft of assistance.”

Answer 3

Israel’s continued targeting of security personnel protecting aid convoys has resulted in an increase in theft of the limited aid allowed into Gaza by criminal groups. Similar to what is observed in other war-torn and famine-affected areas, these gangs exploit the chaos and desperation, seizing opportunities for personal gain. However, Israel’s genocidal starvation tactics are solely responsible for creating the untenable living conditions that have given rise to these gangs.