🤥 Most Palestinians have called for Israel’s destruction for generations.

Answer 1

An oppressed population fighting back its oppressor is not tantamount to calling for the oppressors demise.

Answer 2

The only thing that will destroy Israel is Zionism. The Palestinian leadership, in all its factions including Hamas and those elected by the Palestinian people, have repeatedly recognized Israel’s right to exist in the past three decades. Israel cannot continue to exist in its current Zionist form, which requires the exclusion of an entire racial, ethnic and religious group from participating equally in life.

Answer 3

Palestinians do not want to destroy Israel. They want to dismantle the Zionist system that occupies and oppresses them and violates their most fundamental rights. It is Israel – through collective punishment, apartheid policies and ethnic cleansing – that has not only the intention but also the economic, political, and military might to destroy the native Palestinian population.