🤥 Your neighborhood is destroyed? You have Hamas to thank for that.

Answer 1

Abiding by international law and safeguarding innocent civilians is a duty under international law regardless of West’s sentiment and alignment to the groups involved in a conflict. If the right to resist an occupier is selectively endorsed by the U.S. and it allies depending on their own interests and allegiances (i.e. Ukraine vs. Palestine), their endorsements do not change the fact that under international law, Israel’s carpet bombing and practices of collateral damage are illegal.

Answer 2

UNRWA continuously provides the IOF with GPS coordinates of its buildings and shelters, and yet as of January 2024, 150 of its buildings were STILL hit. Is Hamas responsible for that too?

Answer 3

A December 2023 U.S. intelligence assessment showed that nearly half of the bombs used by the IOF in the Gaza Strip have been unguided dumb bombs (i.e. tools for indiscriminate attacks and destruction). Israel’s use of disproportionately large weapons to strike “targets,” even if legitimate, are very likely to cause large scale destruction and civilian deaths in such a densely populated area. Basic rules of discretion require Israel to be using far less lethal and more accurate tactics, the latter of which Israel has a long history of deploying when it so chooses.

Answer 4

In January 2024, a very targeted Israeli drone strike assassinated a Hamas deputy commander residing in Dahiyeh, one of Beirut’s most densely populated suburbs. The strike killed five others, three of whom were also Hamas members. Israel clearly has the capability of conducting targeted strikes. But it deliberately chooses to employ tactics that result in wide-scale destruction under the guise of eliminating Hamas, but with the singular purpose of making Gaza uninhabitable for Palestinians.

Answer 5

Israel is single-handedly responsible for destroying Palestinian neighborhoods and systematically carpet bombing and targeting civilians unnecessarily. There is video footage and Israel admission to prove its culpability.