🤥 Why should Israel supply an enemy population with water, food and medicine?

Answer 1

International Law, including the Geneva Convention, demands it! Withholding life-sustaining essentials such as water, food, medicine, and fuel from an occupied population is a war crime. It is also a war crime to withhold the basics of life from a population in order to force it to accept its transfer to another land.

Answer 2

The UN has repeatedly stated that Israeli tactics in Gaza, particularly its withholding of life-sustaining materials from the civilian population, amount to a form of collective punishment. Collective punishment is a war crime and prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Answer 3

The 1948 Genocide Convention says that intentionally causing a group of people to suffer conditions that could kill them, like starvation, can be considered genocide. Palestinians in Gaza are being deliberately starved by Israel’s prohibition of all life-sustaining resources, including food and water, from entering the Gaza Strip. The UN, Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the EU’s foreign policy chief have accused Israel of creating a man-made famine and using it as a weapon of war.