🤥 Why don’t Palestinians just assimilate instead of continuing to be refugees for 75 years?

Answer 1

The arrogance of Zionists in expecting Palestinians to simply accept forcible resettlement and relinquish their internationally recognized right of return to their ancestral homes and lands is astounding. Palestinians still have the keys and deeds to their homes and lands illegally confiscated by Israel.

Answer 2

The 1951 Refugee Convention legally recognizes Palestinians displaced by Zionist forces in 1948 as refugees, and extends this status to their descendants. This convention also upholds the right of all refugees, including Palestinians, to return to their countries of origin, their homes, and their lands under international law.

Answer 3

Countries hosting Palestinian refugees are not responsible for carrying the burden of hosting and/or resettling them. International law mandates the rectification of Palestinian refugee status through only two means: the right of return or the equitable compensation for homes, properties, and land confiscated by Israel – the party responsible for their displacement.

Answer 4

Germany has paid $86.8 billion in restitution and compensation to Holocaust victims and their descendants from 1945 to 2018, including $1.4 billion in 2023 alone. Additionally, Germany has returned 16,000 Nazi-looted objects to their rightful Jewish owners. Laws passed in Germany and Austria grant Jews stripped of rights and citizenship by the Nazi regime the right of return and immediate citizenship. Palestinians, facing ongoing persecution, loss, and displacement, deserve no less than similar recognition and restitution.

Answer 5

Arab states, including Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, which still host the vast majority of registered Palestinian refugees, show no intention of resettling or integrating Palestinian refugees into their domestic populations. Host countries actively exclude Palestinian refugees from civic life and restrict their employment opportunities and residency outside UNRWA camps. There is no indication that host countries will ever accept resettling Palestinian refugees, nor are they legally obligated to do so. They insist that Israel adhere and abide by international law and its obligations to resolve the refugee crisis it created.