🤥 We can’t give Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem equal rights because it would demographically destroy the State of Israel.

Answer 1

A nation built on oppressing others to achieve prosperity is the definition of a racist and apartheid regime.

Answer 2

This question illustrates the brutal reality of Zionism as an apartheid system, if Palestinians simply existing and having the same rights as Jews undermines the state of Israel.

Answer 3

We apologize that the indigenous Palestinian demography gets in the way of the Jewish “democracy”. Maybe the solution is to imprison, murder, displace, isolate, suffocate and starve the undesired portion of the population en masse… Oh wait.

Answer 4

If Israel continues to refuse becoming a state with equality for all and universal suffrage regardless of race, religion or ethnicity (i.e. a democracy) then it should at least end its occupation of Palestinian territories and commit to a fair and equitable two state solution.

Answer 5

This is the argument of an apartheid state bent on maintaining undemocratic rule over another population. If Israel were actually a democracy, as is always argued, then the racist logic of demographic superiority would not be necessary.

Answer 6

If Israel insists on retaining its ethno-religious supremacy and its demographic advantage through force and control and at the expense of another people, then it must relinquish its much touted status as “the only democracy in the Middle East”.

Answer 7

Denying individuals citizenship and policies that discriminate between citizens based on ethnic origin are violations of international human rights law. Israel cannot both be a “democracy” and cherry-pick who it deems worthy of participating in it based on ethnicity or religion.

Answer 8

Currently, the demographic and territorial requirements of a Jewish state must exclude the right of Palestinians to exist. The Jewish state cannot exist in its Zionist form with the religious and ethnic diversity represented by the native Palestinian population. What this means in reality is that one group’s dominant existence requires the disappearing of the other.