šŸ¤„ The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complicated issue.

Answer 1

If we use universal principles, international law and morality as our yard sticks, what you will find is not complexity but clarity. Israel ranks amongst the highest violators of UN Security Council resolutions. International organizations and law have demonstrated time and again that international rules and regulations, if applied fairly, would side with the Palestinians. The only entities in the world still debating Israeli apartheid are Israel and its equally morally corrupt backers.

Answer 2

Portraying the conflict as complicated discourages any attempt at understanding, engagement or resolution. It is not that complicated. This essentially condones the oppression of indigenous populations by a settler-colony under the guise of complexity.

Answer 3

This is an age-old tactic employed by all settler colonial enterprises, not just Israel, in an attempt to defend the indefensible. White South Africans also claimed apartheid was ā€˜complicatedā€™. Opponents of abolishing slavery in the U.S. argued that freeing slaves was morally right but feared it would disrupt the status quo and economy.

Answer 4

Labeling the Zionist settler project as “complex” aims to portray Israel and the Palestine issue as exceptional, implying that standard judgments and morals are not applicable. Consequently, Israeli occupation and colonization of Palestine and Palestinians are seen as exceptional due to this supposed complexity. Israel and its proponents use this exceptionalism to claim Israel is exempt from standard regulations like the Geneva Conventions, enabling continuous crimes against Palestinians with impunity and without global intervention.

Answer 5

The deliberate mystification of the question of Palestine is meant to isolate it from other anti-colonial struggles all over the world. If something is deemed an injustice elsewhere, then it cannot be deemed ā€œcomplicatedā€ in Palestine.

Answer 6

This myth that the issue is complex is a tactic used by Western world leaders and their cronies to avoid holding Israel to account. It also ā€˜indemnifiesā€™ them from their own complicity and support of the longest illegal occupation in modern history.