🤥 The Israeli Army is known around the world as a moral army.

Answer 1

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) was borne of Zionist militias like the Irgun, which was considered a terrorist organization by the international community, and the Haganah and Stern Gang, which were considered terrorist organizations by the Palestinians. These forebearers of the Israeli Army established Israel by massacring Palestinians and forcibly displacing over 750,000 Palestinians in 1948. Since then, the IOF has persisted in ethnic cleansing and systematic violations of international law, engaging in crimes ranging from assassination and kidnapping to invasion, massacre, and enforcing an illegal occupation and apartheid system.

Answer 2

The IOF is mandated by the state of Israel to uphold an apartheid system of displacement, illegal settlement and military occupation with total impunity. There is no shortage of examples of the Israeli army’s immoral behavior over the past 75 years, including the 2023/2024 genocide in Gaza, which killed over 32,000 Palestinian civilians in a six month span. The IOF has become the textbook definition of immoral conduct.

Answer 3

The number of crimes committed by the IOF are too numerous to list. The “most moral army” is notorious for using Palestinian as human shields. Many investigations into alleged Palestinian use of this “tactic” conclude that it was Israel in fact guilty of the practice.

Answer 4

Each year, around 500-700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12, are detained by the IOF and prosecuted in Israeli military courts, often facing indefinite administrative detention. Not only are these practices themselves illegal, but testimonies collected from 739 Palestinian children detained in the West Bank between 2013 and 2018 by Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) found that 73% experienced physical violence following arrest, 95% were hand tied, 86% were blindfolded, and 64% faced verbal abuse, humiliation or intimidation.

Answer 5

The “Dahiya doctrine,” characterized by the destruction of non-military infrastructure and resulting in significant civilian casualties, is a deliberate policy and strategy employed by the IOF. This approach implicitly acknowledges Israel’s view of civilian areas as legitimate military targets, often justified preemptively by alleging Palestinians’ use of civilians as human shields, of which there is no evidence.

Answer 6

Since Israel’s invasion of Gaza in October 2023, IOF soldiers have been sharing videos on social media showing them vandalizing local shops and classrooms, stealing from Palestinians, and engaging in dehumanizing acts like searching through women’s intimate clothing and making derogatory comments. The steady stream of footage from Israeli soldiers’ TikTok accounts underscores the troubling absence of accountability and ethical boundaries within the Israeli army.

Answer 7

In February 2024, a United Nations panel urged an independent investigation into reports of sexual abuse by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian women and girls. The statement, endorsed by key UN officials, highlighted concerning behavior by the IOF, including arbitrary detention and inhumane treatment, including sexual assault.