🤥 Pro-Palestinian slogans in campus protests are anti-Semitic and call for Jewish genocide.

Answer 1

The slogan being challenged is “Israel, we charge you with Genocide,” which is being misinterpreted and misheard as a call for Jewish genocide. This is very different from the very real violence against Palestinians in Gaza, to which these protests are calling for an end.

Answer 2

This is nothing more than another attempt to redirect attention from what is going on in the Gaza Strip. It also unnecessarily and wrongfully emphasizes the need to spare the sensibilities of a few, who are unwilling to confront their own complicity in Israel’s crimes, at the expense of the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians.

Answer 3

If a private university has declared its intent to protect free speech, it must not be selective in its application depending on whether it agrees with expressed view points.

Answer 4

From Peter Beinart, a Jewish political commentator and columnist: “To be [blunt]: I don’t think the Jewish advocacy organizations are as interested in protecting actual Jewish students as they are in quashing anti-Zionist speech, even if the anti-Zionist speech comes from Jews themselves.”

Answer 5

Similar to their overarching coverage of Israel-Palestine affairs, Western media’s portrayal of student protests against Israel’s actions in Gaza, notably the April 2024 encampments in the U.S., relied almost exclusively on second-hand, biased, pro-Zionist sources. Nevertheless, journalists dedicated to the profession and truth directly covered the protests on campuses, where diverse groups, including Jewish, Muslim, Arab, American, South Asian, and Black individuals, peacefully demonstrated. The most egregious anti-Semitism was unsurprisingly directed at anti-Zionist Jews by pro-Zionists.

Answer 6

Shirion Collective, a surveillance network with a clear Zionist agenda, publicly called in Feb. 2024 for agents to embed behind “enemy” lines at protests, seeking volunteers willing to wear keffiyehs and join masked demonstrations. They stated an explicit preference for individuals with Arabic-sounding names and Middle Eastern appearances for deeper infiltration, offering cash compensation for their role. Between supporters of Palestinian liberation and an end to their genocide and a racist political ideology denying Palestinians both, which group is more likely to escalate peaceful protests into violence and anti-Semitism?

Answer 7

We should be skeptical of people who hang on every inflammatory word of 19-year-old college students but are indifferent to members of Congress calling on people to run over protestors with cars or use nuclear weapons on civilians. There is a revealing inconsistency and imbalance here.