🤥 Palestinians in Israel can vote.

Answer 1

Palestinian citizens of Israel are subject to Israeli civil laws, granting them the right to vote in national elections and, in general, afford them greater human rights protections than Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These same laws perpetuate inequality, denying Palestinians equal rights with Jewish Israelis (including to political participation) and institutionalize discrimination against them. In the illegally occupied East Jerusalem, Palestinians are also governed by Israeli civil laws, but they can only vote in municipal elections, which they often boycott in objection to the prolonged occupation. Their fragile permanent residency status is vulnerable to revocation based on discriminatory grounds, leading to severe human rights consequences.

Answer 2

Palestinians in Israel can vote but are burdened with a host of restrictions (on expression, who they can marry and on land purchases to name a few) that Israeli Jews do not face. This means they do not have total equality and therefore simply occupy one rung on the apartheid ladder.

Answer 3

Palestinians are second or third class citizens within Israel. They are deprived of many rights that Jewish Israelis have. The fact that of the more than six million or so Palestinians under Israeli rule, a mere two million have the right to vote is yet more proof of the apartheid nature of Israel.