🤥 Palestinians in Gaza voted for Hamas, so they deserve what they get.

Answer 1

Genocide is unjustifiable under any circumstance, including disagreements with electoral outcomes. This is a fundamental principle of international law. Despite Israel’s efforts to undermine it, the Palestinian election was deemed legitimate and democratic by the international community.

Answer 2

The debate over whether Palestinians voted for Hamas is a diversion from addressing the ongoing situation in Gaza. With over half of Gaza’s population being children, many weren’t even born during the elections where Hamas gained power. This underscores the urgency to focus on the indiscriminate bombardment by Israel rather than revisiting past electoral outcomes.

Answer 3

Israel admitted to supporting and funding Hamas in the 2006 elections as a counterbalance to the secular Palestinian Authority led by the PLO in the West Bank. This included efforts to suppress voting in Fatah-majority districts. Israel’s motive was to undermine the Palestinian Authority’s growing international recognition and status, which undermined Israel’s agenda.

Answer 4

In 2006, about a quarter of Gaza’s population was ineligible to vote due to age. Of those eligible, only three-quarters voted, and Hamas secured 44% of the votes. Hamas didn’t win a majority in any district, meaning that less than 10% of Gaza’s population voted for Hamas. Their election stemmed from opposition to the Palestinian Authority’s inefficiency, not approval of the October 7 attack. Many in Gaza today were either children or not even born during that time.

Answer 5

In 2006, Hamas didn’t run on a “kill the Jews” platform. It ran as “The party of change and reform”. Hamas. platform boiled down to: the other guys [the Palestinian Authority/Fatah] are ineffective and for 15 years have achieved nothing, it’s time to throw them out.

Answer 6

You expect millions of poor refugees enclosed in a concentration camp, besieged from all sides by a racist military for half a century, to somehow NOT elect a hardline government? Look up the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, it was not kumbaya and negotiations – those brave Jews used weapons and explosives to resist their doomed fate. Luckily the Nazis were defeated two years later, while the Israeli occupation is decades long and counting.

Answer 7

Netanyahu to the Likud party leadership in 2019: “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas”. I wonder why Israel wants to undermine the secular Palestinian leadership.

Answer 8

Palestinians in Gaza voted for Hamas in a democratic election nearly 20 years ago. This was in part a protest vote against the corruption of the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah Party and the moribund peace process. Having once voted for Hamas, however, does not justify punishing civilians for Hamas’ actions. In fact, doing so is a war crime.

Answer 9

Trump won the 2016 election.Does that make all U.S. citizens (regardless of whether they are of voting age or who they actually voted for) liable for all of his actions and/or should all Americans be called MAGAs?