🤥 Palestinians don’t respect human rights.

Answer 1

By far the biggest violator of Palestinian human rights is Israel. This has been well documented by major international human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Israel’s own B’Tselem, for decades. Palestinian civil society has consistently called for universal respect for human rights by Israeli authorities and Palestinian-run institutions.

Answer 2

Palestinians endure a system deliberately crafted to deprive them of their human rights, sustained by the relentless violence of a U.S.-supported Israeli military regime. While it’s acknowledged that Palestinian leaders have committed human rights abuses, these actions are primarily aimed at quelling Palestinian dissent against Israel’s ongoing military occupation and the complicity of certain Palestinian officials in upholding the status quo.

Answer 3

While Palestinian human rights violations by armed groups or institutions such as the Palestinian Authority do occur, they pale in comparison to the scope and severity of Israeli violations.