🤥 Palestinians could be celebrating their own 75th anniversary had they been willing to accept Israel as their neighbor in 1948.

Answer 1

This claim emphasizes a long, flawed history of expecting Palestinians to accept the illegal military occupation of their homes and lands and substantially less than what is rightfully and originally their own in full. Not to mention that what little of historic Palestine designated for a Palestinian state continues to be usurped for illegal settlement expansion, demonstrating a clear lack of intent for the allowance of any Palestinian state.

Answer 2

Palestinians could be celebrating 75 years of an independent Palestine alongside Jewish Palestinian compatriots if Zionists had decided against enacting ethnic cleansing and the creation of a settler colonial state at the expense of Palestinians and instead accepted Palestinian calls for a secular democratic state of Palestine for all, regardless of religion.

Answer 3

Palestinians rightly rejected a partition plan hoisted upon them by colonial powers which gave a majority of the land to a minority population of European settlers. Indigenous Palestinians were the overwhelming majority (66 %) in 1947-48 but were “offered” only around 43% of the country. Rejecting such a ludicrous deal was/is a no-brainer.

Answer 4

Palestinians could be celebrating 75 years of independence had a settler colonial project backed by the great imperial powers of the time not ethnically cleansed them in order to make room for a “Jewish state” populated by predominantly European Jewish settlers and underwritten by Western military superiority to this day.