🤥 Once Israel wipes out Hamas, maybe then there can be dialogue.

Answer 1

Any honest observer can tell you that resistance against occupation cannot be destroyed. Even if Hamas was destroyed, another resistance organization would replace it. Hamas exists because of the occupation. Ending the occupation is the only way to a peaceful resolution.

Answer 2

Productive dialogue will only be possible when Israel decides to treat Palestinians as equals. Israel failed to negotiate in good faith long before Hamas even existed. Hamas is a bogeyman used to justify Israeli intransigence and impunity and its lack of desire to dismantle apartheid.

Answer 3

Hamas has offered multi-year truces and accepted the two-state solution. Israel rejected these overtures. It is not dialogue that Israel wants, or even a lasting peace between equals, but rather to be allowed to “peacefully” maintain Jewish superiority with impunity.

Answer 4

Hamas was founded in 1987 against the Israeli occupation. It exists today because the Israeli occupation never ended. Ending the occupation is the only way to lessen the influence of militant groups like Hamas.