🤥 Muslim countries don’t uphold equal rights, yet they want equal rights for Palestinians in Israel.

Answer 1

This is a moot point, because all countries should be held to account if they do not uphold equal rights. Israel has a legal obligation to uphold the equal rights of all its citizens, residents, and the people subject to its military occupation. How others are treated outside Israel’s realm of control is irrelevant.

Answer 2

Most Arab countries don’t go around boasting that they are ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’. It’s only Israel that claims to be a democracy while discriminating against citizens, residents and people subject to its military occupation who are not Jewish. It is also the only country in the Middle East that human right’s organizations have charged with the crime of apartheid.

Answer 3

There are over 60 laws in Israel that discriminate and differentiate between Jews and non-Jews, most notably the right to self determination which is exclusively reserved for Jewish citizens of Israel. We are not asking you to compare the living standards of Palestinians in Israel to those in Muslim countries. We ask that you compare living standards amongst ISRAELI citizens.