🤥 Many Palestinians consider it an Allah-given right (commandment even) to murder Jews.

Answer 1

First, Allah is the Arabic word for ‘God’. He is the same God revered by three Abrahamic religions and followers alike. Second, ‘Palestinian’ is not a religion. Palestinians are a people of shared ethnic and national background that includes people of all faiths, including Jews. Third, it is against the Muslim religion to harm ‘People of the Book’, which includes all Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Answer 2

This is Islamophobia at its finest. Nothing about Islam, or Palestinian resistance, calls for “murdering” Jews. Even the Hamas charter explicitly differentiates between Zionism and Judaism, where Zionism is considered a racist, ethno-supremacist, settler-colonial ideology that has hijacked Judaism for its nefarious purposes. The Hamas charter is clear in its call for resistance against Zionist, not Jewish, colonization of Palestine.

Answer 3

Every Zionist accusation is merely a confession. It was Netanyahu and his government in November 2023 that invoked religious scripture to justify the genocide of Palestinians.

Answer 4

Islamophobes propagate the falsehood that Islam fosters anti-Semitism. In Islam, Jews are recognized as “People of the Book,” and Moses is revered as a prophet. Palestinian resistance targets not the Jewish people, but rather the Zionists who exploit Judaism to establish and maintain a racist settler colony.