🤥 Jews are indigenous to the land and therefore cannot be colonizers.

Answer 1

There have always been Jews in Palestine, and historically they spoke Arabic and were part of the tapestry of the Levant. The explicitly European colonial nature of political Zionism, however, is antithetical to any notions of Jewish indigeneity. This is because Zionism has from the outset sought to implant European Jews as settlers at the expense of the indigenous multi-faith inhabitants and stewards of the land.

Answer 2

Zionism was and is – in the words of its own founders – a colonial movement. It has been implemented with the methodologies and ideologies of European colonialism. The fact that Jews have spiritual ties to the land does not make them indigenous per se, nor does it erase the colonial nature of Zionism, which in any case, is not synonymous with Judaism.

Answer 3

Judaism is not Zionism. Judaism is a religion with legitimate spiritual ties to the ancient land of Israel/historic Palestine. Some Jews have indeed lived uninterrupted in Palestine for centuries and could therefore be considered indigenous. Indigeneity, however, cannot be manufactured through a process of colonization, as was/is the case with Zionism.

Answer 4

Indigeneity is based on a connection to the land. Palestinians without a doubt have that connection.This includes Palestinian Jews, Muslims and Christians. Jews of European descent are not indigenous to Palestine. They have a religious connection and emigrated as settlers, mostly within the past 100 years or less.