🤥 Israel keeps Jews safe.

Answer 1

Jewish safety should not come at the expense of Palestinian lives and freedom. The solution to resolve European anti-semitism with the creation of a separate state for the Jews was flawed, and did not tackle the root cause: racism towards Jews in Europe. The establishment of Israel did not bring peace for Jews, but locked them in a cycle of violence and repression. And it threatens the safety of Jews across the world, who are being targeted by those who wrongly conflate Judaism with Zionism and Israel.

Answer 2

Zionism has not brought peace. Instead, it has served as a lethal ideology, one that exists to justify the killing of thousands of Palestinians in the name of a Jewish state. Israel’s repeated wars against its Arab neighbors have not kept Jews safe. Its brutal oppression and displacement of Palestinians has not succeeded in stamping out the resistance of the indigenous Palestinian population to illegal military occupation and forced displacement. If anything, it has only solidified the drive to resist.

Answer 3

After Biden made a similar statement at a White House Hanukkah Party in December 2023, American Jews decried it as anti-Semitic due to its implication that Jews around the world are protected by Israel and not the countries they’re citizens of, perpetuating the notion that Jewish citizens ought to be more loyal to Israel than their own nation. This notion of dual loyalty still remains in all working definitions of anti-Semitism.