🤥 Israel is fighting a war for its very own existence.

Answer 1

Israel is a nuclear-armed state with one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world, and is backed by the U.S. There is no symmetry with most global armies, let alone any Palestinian armed groups. Israel’s reaction shows no proportionality which further highlights this asymmetry.

Answer 2

If Israel is concerned only for its safety, why does it continue to add more illegal Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, the Palestinian area it promised to hand back for a Palestinian state? Presented with the options of a peaceful Palestine neighbor (like Egypt and Jordan proved to be) it chose instead the path of Apartheid and military subjugation.Turns out Israel prefers real estate over its own security.

Answer 3

The idea that Israel is a fragile state fighting for its existence while simultaneously being a nuclear power whose illegal military occupation and violent crimes toward Palestinians are systemic and precede this latest attack on Gaza, let alone this latest genocide, demonstrates the level of impunity that Israel enjoys.

Answer 4

Israel is an occupying power that controls all borders and aspects of Palestinian life. Israel has, for decades, systematically trespassed and committed violent crimes against Palestinians with zero accountability. These are not the actions of a fledgling state fighting for its existence, but rather a nuclear state with no concerns over the legitimacy of its own actions.