🤥 Israel does not target civilians.

Answer 1

On December 16, 2023, Al-Jazeera Journalist Anas Al Sharif reported from Gaza’s Kamal Adwan Hospital, witnessing displaced Palestinians being buried alive as Israeli bulldozers crushed their tents. Despite this, Israel claims not to target civilians. Ironically, Anas, whose family home was bombed, had received threats from the Israeli military, with his father killed in an airstrike just five days prior.

Answer 2

On December 15, 2023, Israel shot dead its own hostages in Gaza. They were unarmed, shirtless young men who waved a makeshift white flag and pleaded for their lives in Hebrew. If this incident does not prove what Palestinians have decried for decades – that the IOF habitually engages in indiscriminate slaughter – then we’re not sure what more proof you require.

Answer 3

All evidence from over six months of Israeli aggression in Gaza suggests that Israel deliberately targets civilian areas and specific civilians (i.e. journalists, doctors, writers etc). This is backed up by a decades-long track record of disproportionate casualties among civilians at the hands of the Israeli military.

Answer 4

When the current war broke out in October of 2023, the IOF Spokesperson was quick to make clear that “the emphasis is on damage, not precision.” These statements clearly align with Israel’s actions since then: hundreds of tons of bombs have been dropped on the Gaza Strip so far, leading to a horrifying death amongst Palestinians (the majority of whom are women and children) in the Gaza Strip.

Answer 5

Despite its propaganda to the contrary, indiscriminate targeting has always been the “Israeli way of war”. This time, however, Israel has a particular objective to make the Gaza Strip unfit for human habitation in the hope that it will facilitate Israeli plans for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza’s Palestinians. Even though they employ euphemisms such as “humanitarian migration” to obfuscate their intentions, Israeli officials have repeatedly made clear their goal to destroy Gaza to such a degree as to leave its inhabitants with no choice but to leave.

Answer 6

If Israel is not purposefully targeting civilians and the vast civilian casualties are all accidents then the Israeli military – the biggest beneficiary of U.S. support – is surely one of the most hopelessly inadequate and unprofessional armies in the world and should not be receiving aid from the U.S.