🤥 Israel did not bomb any hospitals, but it has evidence of Hamas using every single hospital in Gaza for military purposes.

Answer 1

According to the World Health Organizations, hospitals and other vital medical infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank have been attacked nearly 600 times since October 7 as of January 2024. 613 people have died within health facilities, 606 in Gaza and seven in the Occupied West Bank, and more than 770 have been injured.

Answer 2

Not only did a Washington Post investigation (in addition to all the ground reporting from Palestinian journalists in Gaza) unequivocally demonstrate that since October 7, claims by Israel that hospitals in Gaza were being used for military purposes are false, but several human rights groups have stated that Israeli attacks and besiegement of hospitals should be investigated as war crimes.

Answer 3

A CNN investigation, published the day Israel presented its case to the ICJ, states that several of the hospitals directly hit in Gaza, including Al Shifa and Al Quds, appeared to have been attacked by Israel.

Answer 4

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, in an editorial in The Guardian in November 2023, issued a warning to both sides that the burden of proof is on them if they claim hospitals, schools or houses of worship have lost their protected status because they are being used for military purposes, and that the bar for that evidence is very high. Israel has yet to provide such a level of irrefutable evidence.