🤥 If Palestinians deserve a state, why didn’t Jordan turn the West Bank into a Palestinian state before 1967?

Answer 1

Had Jordan or Egypt declared a Palestinian state in either territory, the West Bank or Gaza, under their respective stewardships, without Israel’s agreement, Israel would have considered these declarations as an act of war against it.

Answer 2

Jordan was given de facto control over that territory before the 1967 War as part of a ceasefire agreement. This Jordanian stewardship of the West Bank was intended to be temporary until “final” peace negotiations with Israel would lead to a Palestinian state. Israel would have had to agree to these terms or Jordan would have risked war with Israel (again).

Answer 3

Jordan never annexed, nor did it want to annex the West Bank. It didn’t colonize or occupy that land, to have the power to “liberate” it. The only state that wants to annex the West Bank is Israel. But this Israeli goal has been put on hold by the international community and the ceasefire agreement that drew temporary demarcation lines after the 1967 War.

Answer 4

The borders of Israel, for that matter and till this day, are still not internationally recognized because these demarcation lines are considered just that. They are lines/borders drawn by a ceasefire. Until this day, Israel does not have internationally recognized borders because, legally, the borders between Israel and the “West Bank” have never been agreed on. 
The Jordanian government, as do all other Arab governments, recognize the West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian territory. They are all in agreement that this territory should be part of a Palestinian state. The state that refused and still refuses to negotiate a final border agreement after the 1967 War and its ceasefire, is Israel.