🤥 How can it be a genocide when the population is steadily growing over the years? 

Answer 1

Its shocking that this needs to be pointed out, but the genocide we’re talking about is happening RIGHT NOW. We are at 30k+ deaths which is over 1.5% of Gaza’s population, and that number is feared to be more with thousands more trapped under the rubble of bombed buildings. No genocide starts at 2.3 million people dead but we are certainly headed in that direction. For context, the Srebernica genocide claimed 8,000 lives and Gaza’s death toll is already nearly three times that.

Answer 2

Gaza’s population not only grew, but in fact grew SIGNIFICANTLY in 1948. 200,000 Palestinians from OTHER PARTS OF PALESTINE were violently forced to flee out of their towns and villages into the Gaza Strip during the Nakba by Zionist militias. Prior to the Nakba, the population of Gaza was estimated to be between 60,000-80,000. 531 villages were destroyed and wiped out of their native Palestinian population in the process. Of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents,1.5 million are registered refugees. The Gaza Strip also lost 1/3rd of its land area to the newly created state of Israel.

Answer 3

According to international law, it’s not the number of people being killed that is the measure of genocide but rather it is the intent to wipe out an entire population or ethnic group and destroy all evidence of its existence. Normally this is the hardest part to prove. But in this case, the Israeli government has explicitly and repeatedly made their intentions crystal clear through public statements to the media calling Palestinians human animals who should be treated accordingly, and cutting off food, electricity, water and other life-sustaining elements.

Answer 4

Not only has Israel made its intent clear through statements by government officials, but its actions on the ground more than back up its intent. As of Jan. 2024, Israel has dropped 65,000 tonnes of bombs on Gaza (for context, this is the equivalent of more than four atomic bombs). They have also deliberately targeted homes, universities, schools, hospitals and places of worship to ensure that Gaza becomes uninhabitable. That is not say of the 30,000+ killed, 60,000+ injured and millions constantly forced to flee in search of safety.

Answer 5

The Palestinian population declined enormously in 1947-8, and in 1967. Palestinians were also displaced internally in 1948. You do not have to finish an entire population in order for it to be a genocidal campaign.

Answer 6

High birth rates is actually a very common survivalist behavior among many persecuted populations, including Jews. Reproduction is an act of resistance. The fact that the birth rate is high does nothing to disprove that Palestinians have been killed and displaced by Israel in enormous numbers for 75 years. Since 2005, Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip ten times and continues to ration food and medical supplies entering into the strip.