🤥 Hamas uses civilian infrastructure such as hospitals and schools as command centers, and has tunnels under them as well.

Answer 1

Despite this claim being promoted by Israel and parroted by the mainstream media, there is no proof of its veracity. In fact, every piece of evidence for this claim provided by Israel has been debunked or looked upon skeptically by serious journalists as well as international organizations.

Answer 2

In the absence of evidence for the use of hospitals as Hamas command centers, Israel’s systematic targeting of healthcare facilities in Gaza constitute war crimes.

Answer 3

On October 27, IOF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari, citing “concrete evidence”, claimed that Hamas was using five hospitals in the Gaza Strip as command centers and were adjacent to tunnels. Two months after encircling, besieging and raiding these hospitals and causing large scale death and destruction, a Washington Post investigation of Israel’s assault on the hospitals confirmed what Palestinians stated all along: no such evidence existed.