🤥 Genocidal statements made by Israeli officials do not count because they were not made in the war room.

Answer 1

South Africa, from page 59 of the written submission to page 63, illustrates in detail the statements of genocidal intent from all levels of the government and military apparatus in Israel. They also amplify this point in their oral proceedings. It is clear that there is a culture across the state that has normalized expressions of genocidal intent. There is even an official letter signed by prominent Israelis calling on the government to alter its language when it comes to expressing genocidal intent. These statements coupled with the very clear cut actions that amount to genocide make this point irrefutable.

Answer 2

The crime of genocide has two elements: intention and execution. Leveling an accusation of genocide requires proof of one or the other, or both. Statements can be submitted as proof of intent, they do not need to be made in a war room to be implicating. In Israel’s case, to prove intent, Law for Palestine has meticulously documented 500 statements that prove Israel’s intention to commit and incitement of genocide since October 7, 2023. These statements were made by Israeli officials in their prominent roles and capacities, and many are publicly documented on account of them being made in public and quoted by media outlets.