🤥 Gaza could have been Singapore had it not been for Hamas.

Answer 1

All evidence points to Palestinians in Gaza being more than capable of building an innovative and dynamic society when free of the suffocating constraints of siege and occupation. Until all Palestinians are allowed to live in total freedom, we cannot in good conscience criticize their lack of “accomplishments”.

Answer 2

Palestinians in Gaza have done much despite the injustice and restrictions of being made to live in a giant concentration camp/ghetto. Artists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and scientists call Gaza home, as do educators, farmers and musicians. Without the brutal constraints of siege and occupation, Palestinians in Gaza would be allowed to shine even more brightly.

Answer 3

The slandering of Gaza and the attempt to erase and deny its long and rich cultural history is part and parcel of a propaganda campaign meant to dehumanize and decontextualize it to such a degree as to make its destruction insignificant and almost justified. Gaza, however, has been an important cultural crossroads since antiquity and is known today for producing artists and writers, dozens of whom have been killed in the most recent Israeli onslaught.