🤥 Arabs expelled Arab Jews from their countries after 1948.

Answer 1

The Zionist colonization of Palestine included orchestrating the expulsion and migration of Arab Jews from their homelands to Israel. Zionist propaganda and terror attacks by Zionist militias on civilian infrastructure, including Arab Jewish communities, fueled fear and contributed significantly to the tragic exodus of Arab Jews from countries such as Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. These communities had lived peacefully for over 2000 years before Israel’s establishment.

Answer 2

The exodus of Arab Jews from the Middle East and North Africa to Israel between 1920 and 1967 cannot be attributed to “expulsion” by Arab regimes. Some Arab countries made it illegal for Arab Jews to emigrate to Israel, and a few even expelled Jewish citizens suspected of Zionist loyalties and subversive activities. But Zionist propaganda and covert operations carried out against Arab Jews by Zionist agents played the most significant role in inducing Arab Jewish “migration” to Israel.

Answer 3

Renowned historian Avi Shlaim and New York University Professor of Cultural Studies Ella Shohat have extensively documented early Zionist propaganda and tactics, which included terrorizing Arab-Jewish communities to coerce Jews to relocate to Israel. For example, in Iraq, Yemen, and Morocco (where the largest community of Arab Jews existed before Israel’s creation), Jewish communities lived in peace and with uninterrupted presence for at least 2000 years.

Answer 4

Zionist activism convinced some Egyptian Jews to migrate to Palestine before 1948. However, it was only after Israel’s establishment that affluent Egyptian Jews opted to leave Egypt, primarily relocating to France rather than Israel. The majority of Egypt’s Jewish population remained in the country until 1954, when a small group of Egyptian Jews was recruited by Israel to carry out terror attacks in Cairo’s cinemas, train stations, and educational institutions. Following these attacks, many Egyptian Jews were either expelled by the Egyptian government or fled out of fear of reprisals. Once again, those with the means chose to emigrate to Europe or the U.S., not Israel.