🤥 Amin al-Husseini, representing Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, talked Hitler into going after the Jews.

Answer 1

This is a ludicrous and laughable claim. While Husseini’s opposition to British occupation of Palestine unfortunately led him to seek an alliance with Germany (then Britain’s enemy), the idea that he was responsible for Hitler’s attempt to exterminate European Jewry is a transparent attempt to project European anti-Semitism onto Palestinians.

Answer 2

Anti-Semitism is a profoundly and predominantly European and Christian phenomenon. To imply that a Palestinian convinced Hitler to despise and then target Jews is an irresponsible and dangerous negation of history and a blatant lie meant to discredit legitimate Palestinian grievances.

Answer 3

While it is an unfortunate fact that one Palestinian leader sought to ally himself with Hitler’s Germany (albeit at a time when both the Palestinians and Germans were fighting the British), this does not in any way “prove” that Palestinian aspirations were/are aligned with Nazi ideology. Husseini was a nationalist leader opposed to British rule and Zionist colonization in Palestine. He was not the first nor the last historical figure to ally with his enemies’ enemy. To condemn the entire Palestinian cause for this is absurd, cynical and/or willfully naive.

Answer 4

Various Zionist leaders and groups also sought similar alliances with Hitler and Mussolini. These groups, much like Husseini, believed that Britain was the obstacle for the realization of their nationalist aspirations.