🤥 20% of Israelis are Arab, what ethnic cleansing are you talking about?

Answer 1

Palestinians that hold Israeli citizenship were also ethnically cleansed off their indigenous lands and villages in 1948. Most are now confined to smaller areas and in predominantly “Arab” areas such as Nazareth.

Answer 2

During the Nakba in 1948, over 531 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed and more than 70 massacres were carried out by Zionist militias against Palestinians. These militias expropriated territory and subjugated Palestinians who became Israeli citizens to the most dire living conditions.These same Palestinians live as second class citizens in Israel today.

Answer 3

Before the mass expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948, Palestinians comprised over 60% of the population of what became the state of Israel.This is a seismic decline from the 20% it is today. The intentional reduction of a population from being a clear majority of a country to a minority is, by definition, ethnic cleansing.

Answer 4

Zionists left ample documentation of their intentions, planning and ultimately their execution of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Israeli historians for decades have unearthed substantial and irrefutable proof of the premeditated nature of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Answer 5

The number of Jews in Germany today is 20-30% of pre-Holocaust Germany. The number of French Jews today is more than double that of the French Jewish population in 1933. Italy’s Jewish population is almost 60% of what it was before WWII. But no one in their right mind would use these numbers to question the atrocities that befell the Jewish populations in these countries during WWII, or question claims that they were not ethnically cleansed or mass murdered.

Answer 6

The presence of over two million Native Americans in the U.S. today does not negate the occurrence of genocide in North America. Likewise, the survival of some Palestinians does not disprove the possibility of ethnic cleansing having occurred.